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    Happy New Year!

    2010 - 12.31

    On the eve of the evening when crowds gather with other crowds, and horn blowers revel in the art of blowing ear piercing screeches, pick your poison, raise a glass, and celebrate the beginning of something new! Look ahead!

    Change can be good, even if it’s just striking a vertical line rather than a circle on the line that says “date”. You made it, and maybe, just maybe, there’s something great waiting just around the corner! Open yourself up for surprises!

    Have a safe and a Happy New Day of the New Year! And then have some more!

    Christmas Eve

    2010 - 12.24

    My fingers type as my mind wanders, and I wonder what a silent night is all about. Friends and families gather around the world exchanging pageants of packages and pallet extravaganzas. Feathered and furred friends in our yard are scratching and searching for tasty treats as well! I wish you a Merry Christmas and all kinds of treats for the holiday!

    2010 - 12.22

    Mom and baby are doing well and look fantastic. Mom declined to have her photo taken, as this was the best day for a baby, but the worst day for hair!  Payton, welcome to our family, and to our world!

    Click on image to view other photos.


    2010 - 12.20

    I thought it might be a good idea to post a few photos since I have had the “big” lens in my possession since this past weekend. A simple note to self… don’t borrow “big” lens if there is Christmas shopping to finish up. I just really want that “perfect” shot. Speaking of perfect… Snow is in the forecast this week as all the woodland creatures begin feeling the effects of the white blanket that covers many potential food sources including berries and nuts. We’ve kept the feeders full, and the water sources flowing, so visitors are becoming many. The following photos show some of the more loyal patrons.




    Just hanging out with friends. 

    Checking for stability.

    Nervous Fellow


    Strike A Pose


    Winter Wonderland

    2010 - 12.13

    Ever wonder why they call it “Winter Wonderland”? Maybe they should just call it “Land that is covered by frigid, frozen, white slippery stuff that makes you want to stay indoors… Land”. Kind of a longer title but wonderland is too deceiving. It makes the day sound intriguing and adventurous. A day that holds a cornucopia of surprises, one made for legends. I was pondering something along that line as I made my way along the road through the woods after our first snowfall. All the cold and slippery stuff took a back seat to the sparkly flakes of glistening snow as it blew and fell from branches. It was way too cold for anything to be out for long today, and most of the birds found shelter in trees closer to food sources. This hawk was waiting patiently for young naive songbirds to venture out to the feeder, hoping to snatch a quick lunch. My presence thwarted his not so cunning scheme, and he was forced to devise a more camouflaged approach. The other visitors can be seen if you click on his image.