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    A Day At Bosque

    2010 - 11.20

    Breath taking, jaw dropping, heart thumping, magic! The coolest of cool! Bosque del apache is a spiritual mecca for anyone looking for the definition of breathless beauty. Mark Hardymon had this great idea one day to go to Bosque, and take a photo workshop from Art Morris. His idea included taking me along on the journey (a trip I’ll never forget).  Today was our first full day at the refuge, and I can’t even imagine what else this week might possibly hold. I have never seen so many birds at one site! Snow geese, cranes, blackbirds, and Lord knows what else. I still am learning the basics, but here are a few images from today.

    Thanksgiving Holiday

    2010 - 11.16

    I came across this photo that I took in Vermont, and wondered if they felt more threatened as that “special” day approaches! To some, the day is a festival of flavors, and gorging past full, into stomach belching agony. Less primitive, well mannered souls may choose to politely imbibe and socialize among friends and family. What ever your desire or destination, put a moment aside to think of those that might only be dreaming of their special place. So many folks are doing without this year because of the tough roads paved by our economy. Many families are living without loved ones because of battles being fought for freedoms we can’t all agree on or understand. What ever your lot in life… give thanks. We are in this jello mold together. Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

    A Beautiful Evening

    2010 - 11.10

    It was years in the making for two, an evening of celebration for many as Darren and Jamie sealed their friendship in marriage!  It was a truly wonderful ceremony, and although I fought with the camera indoors, I thought I would share a piece of the moment with you. Not one of my better photo shoots for certain, but it was fun reliving the moment in the few images that I did capture. A toast to the new couple! Congratulations Darren and Jamie!

    Birds II

    2010 - 11.03

    I was once again in pursuit of the little singers with wings, scratching through brush, hiding behind trees, maneuvering  Mark’s big lens  and tripod all the way. I swear… the little bug catching, berry pickin, wing flappin, snits would move to where I use to be standing just as soon as I snuck up to where they use to be. Every time! Then, as if that wasn’t enough… tonight an eight point buck nearly ran me over while I was hiding in a pine tree grove. No kidding. He came running through the field in search of a lady friend (the deer variety) and stopped within about twelve feet of me. Of course the lens was pointed in the other direction, and I could only smile and watch as he snorted at me and moved on! Makes me rethink the wildlife photographer ambition! In any event, I stood my ground at the base of a dead cherry tree watching the poison ivy sway against the azure blue sky and waited. I was rewarded with visits from finches, a flicker, some robins, and one of my favorites… the bluebird! Click on the image to view the others.