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    Woods Of The Apache

    2010 - 11.26

    Closing this chapter on Bosque gives me a whole new appreciation of the migration of birds. The gifts that they have to navigate back to this spot every year is nothing less than spectacular. The social hierarchies that are established on the ground and in the air are interesting to watch. I’ll never forget the first blast-off! They don’t get old. Today we said goodbye to the cranes and snow geese while the blackbirds waved from the corn fields. We finished the day in the zoo photographing ducks. What a great trip! Take a look. See you soon…

    Happy Thanksgiving

    2010 - 11.25

    As our time in Bosque comes to a close, it will be an image forever etched in my mind. The colors in the sunrises and sunsets are incredible. The most intense, vivid colors are simply splashed across the sky and build in intensity until the sun has either fully introduced herself, or until she has completely closed the day. And the birds? Why, they follow her lead, wings beating in rhythm to her warming rays as they take to the air in the morning. The days find them forging for food as they prepare to fly to winter homes, and as the warming rays cool, wind and the rising moon lead them to the crane pools where they are better protected from predators. Happy Thanksgiving.



    2010 - 11.24

    Is climbing out of bed at 4:30 am on a cold brisk morning only to stand around a pond waiting for cranes and geese to fly off worth it? Can going back to the same fields, ponds, and dust blown roads every day get boring? Why would anyone subject themselves to a week of running around chasing birds, eating dust, and porta potties? ┬áTake a look… I wouldn’t have traded this for the world. This one might take a minute to load so grab a cup of coffee.



    There’s More

    2010 - 11.24

    It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, this place is still magic! Short and sweet, here are a few more images.

    A Sun Day At Bosque

    2010 - 11.21

    Today began with a warm colored amber layer across the horizon, and the soft murmuring sounds of cranes and geese as they slowly started waking and grouping up. As the morning moved forward, flocks from different overnight areas began converging in the corn fields. It’s like a giant family reunion, and just like most family reunions there are those that want to be there, and those that would rather leave, or not visit at all. It’s quite comical to watch individual behavior as well as the habits of an entire flock. Here are a few images from today. The jumping cranes were all trying to cross a small ditch from one field to another, and as you can see, some were rather dramatic in their attempts. For the most part, all were patient and waited their turn.

    Then the day went on with more incredible blast offs, wonderful shots, and the rising moon! Now it’s time to get some rest and get ready for more great opportunities tomorrow.