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    Slow Sunday

    2010 - 10.31

    Personally, I think the winged ones had too many berries yesterday, and… the fruit might have been a bit on the fermented side. No one was up early to feed on the crabapples,  but I’m fairly certain I saw cheese and cracker remnants under the tree. Anyway, perhaps they caught a few ball games from on top a stadium where the sound was more muffled, and where there was a slight breeze. To my flight friends… go easy on the berries and fruit this time of year! I’ll be watching for them this week. For those of you out and about, watch for falling birds! Here’s a few of the “good” birds from today.

    More Flyers

    2010 - 10.30

    It’s that time of year again when some of the more elusive guys show up for a meal. As squirrels scramble to gather winter provisions, birds feast on ripened berries and crabapples, packing on the extra fat needed to protect them from the chilling breezes during the Winter months. Some will be moving on to warmer climates, while others are securing shelters for the long Ohio season.  Disputes are frequent when it comes to  securing the best lodging accommodations, which are rated by their proximity to premium dining areas. I was privileged to witness blue birds and sparrows sparring for the courtyard suites, and to view the Cedar Waxwings venture out of the brush long enough to dine on ripe crabapples. The next few weeks will be great for viewing some of the migratory birds and water fowl. Now, if they would just post a schedule with layover places, I might just get a lucky shot off!  Here are today’s visitors:

    The Last Dance

    2010 - 10.24

    It is the last dance, or last call as we hurry through our chores preparing for the Winter season. Leafs are rearranged, stems replace flowers, and gardens that once glowed with color stand naked waiting for the white blanket to cover them. Finnegan and I went for a sightseeing tour along the trails this morning to catch a glimpse of the remaining fall color. We watched as leaves twirled and spun through the whiffs of southwestern breezes, catching on branches and tall grasses until they finally found their places on the ground. Enclosed are a few images we witnessed on our travels. Good night Autumn… good morning Winter!

    Just click on the photo to see the other images.

    Flight 101

    2010 - 10.17

    When you take to the wheel of a beautiful automobile, you expect great things. Likewise, when your friend loans you his wonderful camera and lenses, you work until your eyeballs burn to try and get a good photograph. A great one would be wonderful, but first things first. Here are some of the songbirds I’ve shot over the weekend with his 200-400mm and the 600mm. All were taken from the Nikon D300 body. The setup responds expertly. The operator… a work in progress.

    For The Birds

    2010 - 10.10

    Photographing birds is so much different than trying to shoot landscapes. Certainly there are similarities as far as color, light, and composition, but the parallels end there. Birds are finicky, secretive, shy, and aloof. Just when you think you’ve discovered a pattern in their habits.. they change them. Did I mention that they fly?  My goal is to start a new journey on bird photography, one that shows a definite command of the sport, and one that eventually produces some good photos. Let the practice begin!

    Does this look like I might be a bit confused?