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    The Bridges

    2010 - 09.27

    The bridges popped up out of no where. Cruising the backroads minding my own business when all of a sudden… another covered bridge! Here are a few of the unique structures that crossed my path.

    The End (and the beginning)

    2010 - 09.24

    Truth be told… I would stay to witness the color encore, but reality has a way of guiding us down a different path sometimes. It has been spectacular, enlightening, uplifting, and unforgettable. For that I am truly thankful to all of you that have made this trip possible. I don’t have permission to use names, but please know that from the bottom of my heart… I thank you. Naddy and I saw early color and some incredibly great places! This is certainly a place that lends itself to days and days of exploration. It is with great disappointment that I have to announce that Naddy and I came up empty handed on “The Moose”. We saw a bear, a porcupine (road kill), and ¬†turkey, but no moose. Must hunt some more. See you soon!

    Close the door

    Walk away…


    2010 - 09.23

    The culmination of eleven months of planning, planting, prodding, and cultivating ends in this. A product that sustains, nurtures, and grows each of us is brought to market. The displays are simple yet magnificent. There is no bar code to scan, no spray mist machines to dodge, or plastic bag dispensers to curse. It’s you… the grower… and the meal. Give thanks to those that work and try their best to supply our tables. It takes heart, courage, and the most ambitious souls. A salute to those with such persistent character and perseverance that work to feed us all.


    2010 - 09.22

    Today was a bit and piece day. The rain (which wasn’t suppose to be here) stayed in the area off and on all day. Naddy and I have been joined by my best friend and tomorrow promises to be a great day for discovery. Here are a few of the places we saw early on.


    2010 - 09.21

    I’ve posted the day differently as it was packed full of events! The best way to read today’s entry is to start at the bottom and move up the page. It’s the way my day progressed as well. I started at the bottom, in the valley, and moved my way to the summit. Naddy and I climbed and wove, and wove and climbed through rain clouds and back out of them. I had no idea that the gift at the top would be so great! I walked over slippery boards and granite pathways, through alpine plant carpets, past evergreen shrubbery and through moss covered boulders. The last steps toward the top stopped me in my tracks as I witnessed a sacred moment. There was no one there but me. Green mountains beneath my feet, Lake Champlain in the distance, and the Adirondacks in the distant distance. I would say it’s been a great day…