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    2010 - 08.28

    We hear about inflation and how scary that can be, but last night was what I would term the greatest inflation of all! Depending on where you were standing, it could certainly be one of the scariest places in the world! As it was, I was standing firmly on the ground with my friend and fellow photographer Mark (you know, the one at www.Markhardymon.com) at the Grove City Balloon Festival. It was an incredible night and my very first balloon glow event. When they started floating off, it reminded me of bubbles bursting from the neck of a champagne bottle.


    Playing In Post Processing

    2010 - 08.24

    I’ve been playing with a couple of different post processing techniques again and thought I would share a few pieces. I find the strength of color fascinating, ¬†and the changing moods addicting.

    Enchanted Village

    This one is titled “Faith”

    Dog Days

    2010 - 08.19

    And then there is the refined, most cautious and tentatively planned approach performed by none other than the inventor of sprinkler attacks herself…. Princess Allie Lodi Labae.

    First, a simple check of the wind direction and water velocity

    Moving in for the approach

    Managing the pressure

    Conquering the plaque blaster

    2010 - 08.17

    It might be the “dog days” of summer”, but even the cats are feeling the heat! The temperatures have been stuck on a streak favoring Hell this season, but all things that move are still hanging in there, including… sprinkler attack dog Finn, climbing tree cat Azure, and lazy chair guarder, Kuma! A vote was taken and the season of “Fall” (even though it introduces Winter) is welcome at our house.

    2010 - 08.03

    The mid-way by night.