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    The Thistle Patch

    2010 - 07.31

    Curiosity got the best of me the other day, and I decided to investigate favorite butterfly foods. In my search, I found that thistle was way up there on the best dining options. I couldn’t believe how many flying, crawling, slinking visitors were attracted to the plant. At this time, the thistle is in flower with it’s tiny purple petals, but this stage is quickly giving way to the seed cycle. The goldfinches will soon be perched on these tiny feeders as they feast on fresh seed. I never realized how many insects and birds utilize this plant for their primary food source. Celebrate the thistle!

    A Few More Autos

    2010 - 07.25

    I’ve had a lot of fun with these photo’s and worked on a few more until my eyeballs got sore. Time to get outside and enjoy the humidity! Click on the image to come in.

    The Cruise-In

    2010 - 07.24

    The annual cruise-in was in downtown Delaware today, and despite the heat, I wanted to see the cars. Although I’m not a motor head per say, I do appreciate pretty colors and curves. The loud engines were kind of cool too! Click on the image to see some of the other cars that lined the streets.

    East Coast Coves

    2010 - 07.24

    I’ve been playing around with a few images that I took in Maine. ¬†Aside from discovering and composing the initial photograph, I still find great fascination in post processing techniques. The effects and creative styles are endless. Here is one taken in a cove off a road near Boothbay Harbor. Where exactly, I couldn’t even begin to guess, but being lost is part of the fun.


    2010 - 07.16

    Hope means leaving the light on.