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    2010 - 06.29

    Couldn’t help myself, still had to play with post processing programs to manipulate and create new images. There’s just sooo many things that you can do. My question is, “how do you ever develop a style”?
    When you pick up a paint brush, pen or pencil, you kind of feel your style and just go with it. These keys on the keyboard all feel pretty similar (except the two brail ones, F & J for those of you who may have just now discovered them). You know, I never knew about them till last year. It was just one of those light-bulb moments. Scared? I was. All these years of plucking away and I could have avoided some of the hoih;ioihoi you get when you start your fingers in the wrong place. Oh well, back to style. Once you do find something cool, how do you ever remember how you created it? The logical answer would be to write it down as you go. But, what if you hate what you get in the end and you’ve wasted all that time writing? Probably could have developed a style by keeping your hands on the keyboard. Well, that’s the current problem that I’m working on. Hope you had a fun day!


    2010 - 06.27

    Absolutely a beautiful plant! The hummingbirds are fond of it as well, though none graced them while I was photographing. I’m not sure why I felt this burning desire to use the macro lens today to study flowers being as that the wind gusts were reeking havoc on landing practices for baby birds! Anyway, since the Crocosmia is a bit thicker stemmed than some of the other flowers in the beds, I would occasionally have an opportunity to snap the shutter. As usual, I got wrapped up in post processing and couldn’t help myself. Here are a few images of Crocosmia.

    Sky Sparks

    2010 - 06.26

    This dry run went as smoothly as can be expected when one doesn’t prepare for night photography. It gets dark out there! You can bet that there are some critters in a field tonight that are scratching behind their ears, wondering what just ran through their quiet little sanctuary! In the end, Mark and I found a place to see an early firework display and were able to get a few pictures of those lovely sparks that light up the sky! Click on any of ┬áthe images to enlarge.

    Still Life

    2010 - 06.26

    I took this photo of the turtles jockeying for sun position, and was able to get a few shots off before they scrambled into the murky water underworld. There was no hesitation. They were all off like rabbits as my shadow approached them on the rock.


    2010 - 06.25

    Playing with photographs in post processing is like winning the art lottery. You can play with an image and alter it a mazillion ways while never loosing the original! Do-over’s rule! Click the photo to come in.