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    The Osprey

    2010 - 05.29

    Nests everywhere are alive with activity as idle eggs hatch into new life. After weeks of waiting for the Red-tail Hawk and the Osprey young, it’s nearly time to witness first flights! They grow so quickly! I went to the Osprey nest to check the progress and found a very large youngster! I waited over an hour and a half for mom or dad to return with food, and when that finally happened, something else occcured. They both landed for a moment, then both flew off with the fish, and about thirty five minutes later, one of them returned with a different fish. Perhaps they accidentally ate the first fish! Anyway, Junior was given the meal to eat on his own. After he got his fill, he rearranged the nesting material, and placed the fish under himself. Perhaps he didn’t want it to cook in the hot sun or worse, have it stolen by passing waterfowl. You can click on the image to view the events as they unfolded.