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    Color vs. Color

    2010 - 05.13

    Yesterday I spoke of color and how light rays give off different degrees of energy so… I looked at energy. First, who comes up with this stuff? Alright, here’s another tidbit for you. I wondered what the definition of energy might be so I consulted The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language. Listed there among other things, and the one that stood out for me was, “vitality and intensity of expression”. I see it as the auras cast beyond the physical outline of an object, the heat radiating past structured limits. It was with that impression in mind that I created the following photos. The first image is what we think we saw, and the adjacent photo maps out the energy field attached to the object. Before you click on the image to view the gallery, you must also know that there is a term known as “absolute zero” which is the temperature when substances have zero thermal energy. That temperature is -459.67 degrees F. We’re talkin some major frost bite! Enough of that… come on in.