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    Introducing… Color!

    2010 - 05.12

    Did you know that pure white light, like that of the sun, contains all colors, and all colors have wavelengths of varying sizes? Depending on how much light is absorbed by an object and the size of the color wavelengths within the white light, determines the color that we think we see. Get that? While you mull that over, it gets better. Each color wavelength contains electromagnetic bands of energy and when we look at an object, the energy enters our eye and stimulates chemicals, which in turn sends messages to our pituitary and pineal glands. These glands regulate hormones and other physiological activities in our bodies. That being said, viewing color can alter moods, regulate heart speed, and increase brain activity. Moral of the story… when the sun shines on a flower, and you see it, you will be happy, loose weight, and get smarter! I give you COLOR!