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    The Polar Bears

    2010 - 05.07

    Today was the day that strollers would be left in the dust as I raced to be among the first in line to view the new Polar Bear exhibit at the Columbus Zoo. Lens in hand, I proudly passed seniors as I weaved and dodged through the crowd knowing that the perfect picture was within my reach! Past the reindeer exhibit and cresting the rise in the sidewalk, the large pane-glass windows came into view. I could hardly stand it! Legs burning, I panted up to the glass wall and peered out into the new habitat. My eyes fixed on one of the two females as I prepared for the season’s best photo opportunity to date. The docent was excitedly telling onlookers to hurry down the adjoining stairs to view her dive into the water from an underground exhibit area, a place that I was already sprinting (well…dragging myself) to. Digging wildly through my satchel, I replaced lenses and waited, and waited, and… well, you probably get the idea by now. The bears slept soundly on a rock in the upstairs viewing area, apparently exhausted from their debut yesterday. Here are a few of the “not-so-impressive” photo’s of our newest zoo members. I would highly recommend a visit to the zoo though, as I believe they’ve done a great job with the new exhibit. There is also an Arctic Fox exhibit, and a whole new place for the brown bears to live.

    And then, back to the nap….