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    Some of the same

    2010 - 05.15

    I was going to give you something different today, but my images didn’t agree. Instead, please enjoy a stroll through the garden and glimpse the new flowers that I planted. Perhaps tomorrow, birds and camera will cooperate with one another. Peace of mind!

    Color vs. Color

    2010 - 05.13

    Yesterday I spoke of color and how light rays give off different degrees of energy so… I looked at energy. First, who comes up with this stuff? Alright, here’s another tidbit for you. I wondered what the definition of energy might be so I consulted The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language. Listed there among other things, and the one that stood out for me was, “vitality and intensity of expression”. I see it as the auras cast beyond the physical outline of an object, the heat radiating past structured limits. It was with that impression in mind that I created the following photos. The first image is what we think we saw, and the adjacent photo maps out the energy field attached to the object. Before you click on the image to view the gallery, you must also know that there is a term known as “absolute zero” which is the temperature when substances have zero thermal energy. That temperature is -459.67 degrees F. We’re talkin some major frost bite! Enough of that… come on in.

    Introducing… Color!

    2010 - 05.12

    Did you know that pure white light, like that of the sun, contains all colors, and all colors have wavelengths of varying sizes? Depending on how much light is absorbed by an object and the size of the color wavelengths within the white light, determines the color that we think we see. Get that? While you mull that over, it gets better. Each color wavelength contains electromagnetic bands of energy and when we look at an object, the energy enters our eye and stimulates chemicals, which in turn sends messages to our pituitary and pineal glands. These glands regulate hormones and other physiological activities in our bodies. That being said, viewing color can alter moods, regulate heart speed, and increase brain activity. Moral of the story… when the sun shines on a flower, and you see it, you will be happy, loose weight, and get smarter! I give you COLOR!

    Black and White

    2010 - 05.11

    A chilly breeze blows from the North and brings with it the showers needed for the leaves to finish hatching on their branches. As the blanket unfolds, the canopy feels especially heavy with the darkened skies and the pouring rains. I decided to concentrate on the black and white of spring flowers, the way they might look on dreary days when void of color from the sun. The picture they might paint at midnight to each other. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the bright hues at the nursery, but I wanted to focus on the positive and negative space that they occupy. There are times when you simply can’t see the bright colors in something, but there is always a positive!

    And as always, click on image for more photos!

    The Hills

    2010 - 05.10

    Hocking Hills is a place filled with magic, mystery, and intrigue. Every season seems to hold its own celebration, as Spring dances in with her fern covered rocks and wildflowers. Mushrooms and moss seduce guests with their musky scent as it wafts through the valley, and everyone sets up their communities in the forest. No season is the same as the last, no day like the one(s) before or after.

    The roads that wind through Hocking County are just as magical as the hills themselves. Life is rural and difficult, but hearts are large, warm, and welcoming. I find great pleasure in photographing older barns, homes, and out-buildings that depict the process of aging, so I will forever be in search of interesting doors and windows. Click on the photo to view more images of the journey through the hills.