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    The Osprey

    2010 - 05.29

    Nests everywhere are alive with activity as idle eggs hatch into new life. After weeks of waiting for the Red-tail Hawk and the Osprey young, it’s nearly time to witness first flights! They grow so quickly! I went to the Osprey nest to check the progress and found a very large youngster! I waited over an hour and a half for mom or dad to return with food, and when that finally happened, something else occcured. They both landed for a moment, then both flew off with the fish, and about thirty five minutes later, one of them returned with a different fish. Perhaps they accidentally ate the first fish! Anyway, Junior was given the meal to eat on his own. After he got his fill, he rearranged the nesting material, and placed the fish under himself. Perhaps he didn’t want it to cook in the hot sun or worse, have it stolen by passing waterfowl. You can click on the image to view the events as they unfolded.

    Really Cool Junk

    2010 - 05.22

    Mucking through the salvage yard (because what else is there to do on a Saturday morning), I got to wondering. How much money is spent in our country on vehicles every year? There’s the actual factories that make the wheeled apparatuses, then you have the places that sell, and market, and fix, and shine, and fix again, and sell again, and shine again, and fix again, and again, and… many jobs for many people. But then, after all that transpires, there’s the final resting place where few dare to go, which is usually inhabited by one “no-so-kind” canine and his rough and weathered owner-friend. Well, I didn’t meet the four-legged, foul-breathed, half ear bitten off canine, but I did meet his owner-friend who was nice enough to allow me to slop through his yard. What a treasure trove of cool stuff! Of course, I should have worn long pants and hip boots, but I had a wonderful time wandering the aisles of the previously owned. The stories they might tell. I was told that some dated back to the 1920’s, although to be honest, I wouldn’t know a 20’s from a 40’s. If nothing else, we need to continue making, driving, fixing, and selling vehicles just so we have places like this for our children’s children to visit! Click on the image to enter salvage heaven!

    New Flight Crew

    2010 - 05.21

    I watched her land with tentative talons and decided to get a closer look. Just my luck! My friend (this image is taken using his beautiful new lens), correction… my very, very, best friend is out of town and offered me the the use of his new lens. I don’t think his plane had yet landed at his destination when I absconded with the Holy Grail of glass. It didn’t matter that the lighting wasn’t even worth trying, or that storm clouds loomed on the horizon, then overhead, no those things meant nothing today. I held the Grail and I was going to take a picture of something. Anything. And there it was! Mom was balancing when she landed. That meant only one thing… yup. Get the Grail. The sky blown out in the back, contrast shadowing everything in front…I was prepared! Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing the new ones. There are two for sure, but the Sycamore tree limbs hide what could be a spot for a third chick. I will keep you posted. And to my friend… the Grail is safe!

    More of the zoo

    2010 - 05.18

    The Polar Bear exhibit is still drawing throngs of people. It really is amazing standing in the downstairs viewing area as the bears swim past the window and over your head. Strollers are shoved to the glass, cell phone camera’s are thrust overhead and into or past other heads, much like Bic lighters at concerts. After some time, children are rounded up and herded up the stairs to assault other exhibits, and peace returns to the glass enclosure. I watched an interview on one of the morning shows in which Jack Hanna spoke of going down there at night when all was quiet, and watching the bears. I was more than a little envious. Nothing against the little crumb munchin, germ carriers, it’s kind of fun to listen to them and hear their stories. It’s their interest that will help preserve and protect our natural resources, and for that, I’m thankful for our programs and for our zoo. The brown bears made out with the new polar frontier addition as well. They have a beautiful new habitat that includes a large pool of water with waterfalls. click on image to see the bears.

    The Baby Otters

    2010 - 05.17





    Here are the new Otter babies that live at the Columbus Zoo. Today was swim team try-outs and neither of the brothers were interested in going out for the team. Mom had to keep transporting the reluctant swimmers into the deeper water in hopes that repeated exposure might change their minds. As of today, it doesn’t look promising. There are three little boys in the new family, but one decided not to participate at all, and slept indoors during the activities.