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    Spring has sprung!

    2010 - 04.18

    Temperatures really dipped over the night and the thermometer is hovering at the 31 degree mark this morning. It may pause spring for a moment, but the crabapple trees are following the pears as they display their bright colors for the season. I love how they imitate snowflakes when graced by a breeze. It’s almost a “bet you wish you were still here” jab to Old Man Winter.  The birds have “coupled-up,” nests have been/or are being constructed, and turf wars are in full swing. I took this one at Mud Hen Marsh last Friday. The place was just a-flutter with these guys flying all over the marsh. They make cup-like nests out of pine needles or grass and line them with feathers (usually from other water fowl) to keep it soft and warm. The female lays from 2-8 eggs that are white in color.