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    Birth of a Leaf

    2010 - 04.29


    Time to stretch out!


    Wild Flower

    2010 - 04.28

    Look who finally showed up in the woods today! I absolutely love this wildflower, as it’s such an ornate plant. Ok, so here’s what I’ve read about the Jack-In-the-pulpit. It can change sexes from year to year depending on nutrients available . See, the guys flower, pollinate, then hang out absorbing sun and nutrients for the remainder of the growing season. The women, on the other hand, have to flower, then fruit, and hope that the seeds from their fruit are the seeds most desired by resident birds, so that they (the birds) will gobble them up, and poop future little “Jacks” throughout the forest. It sounds like a lot of work for one flower. Speaking of seeds, some Native Americans believed that the seeds held medicinal answers. They would toss a handful of seeds in water and if they floated, the ill person would live. If the seeds sank, the person would die. I guess it would save a lot of unnecessary tests being performed. Health care solved!

    The Nuthatch

    2010 - 04.27

    This little guy was out roaming the trees in search of bugs and/or seeds. They can often be seen climbing at weird angles on trees descending headfirst, or hanging upside down along limbs or branches. I think they figure most other birds climb up trees so if they climb down, they’ll find all the bugs under the bark that others missed. They nest in holes often in the crotch of branches and lay as many as 10 whitish pink speckled eggs. Ten eggs out of one little nuthatch! Now that’s some mothering. They are monogamous and both will care for the little ones for about 14 days after they hatch.

    Finding Peace

    2010 - 04.26

    Most know that the dove is a universal symbol of peace, and as a totem, it represents the need to find inner calm and quiet stillness. It can also suggest new beginnings and change. With Spring on our doorstep, and the fragrance of fresh blossoms wafting through open windows, perhaps a moment spent reflecting on our dreams and goals is appropriate. I wonder what a mom bird thinks about while she lays in her nest sheltering eggs from the elements and from predators? I wonder if birds dream? And on a final note, did you know that according to legend, the devil and witches can turn themselves into any bird on earth except the dove? Now there’s something to think about today.

    The Songbird Sings

    2010 - 04.25

    The songbird doth sing! The skies were heavy with clouds, and thunder rumbled in the distance, yet the spirit in the belly of this Chipping Sparrow glowed. He just sang, and sang, and sang his song. A lesson to us that bear heavy burdens at times… sing your song and fly.