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    Worlds Apart

    2012 - 08.10

    You know those days when you just kind of feel out-of-sorts as if time is either standing still or speeding by so fast that the clock can’t keep up? Today is just one of those days.  I just can’t quiet focus on any one thing. Perhaps it’s the weather and the fact that it’s about 20 degrees cooler than it’s been since March. Maybe it’s that we’ve got a cupful of rain over the past two days, something we haven’t witnessed since the beginning of June (minus the 10 minute storm that brought hurricane force winds a month or so ago). I might even go so far as to say that it could be caused by the Mars Rover. Yea that’s right. We are disturbing the life forces of Mars and maybe they aren’t fond of that. What ever the cause, it feels like a fairy tale day when you’re kind of half-way in and part of the way out of reality.  And all this before happy hour!  I hope your world is perfect today and you are ready for the weekend!

    The Awakening

    2012 - 08.09

    I’ve seen paintings over the years with a similar subject matter, and when I saw this guy playing on the beach I just had to snap some photos.

    Tiny Dancers

    2012 - 06.21

    I’ve been playing with this one and although this is not what I set out to do, it’s a version that might work given the right surroundings. 

    A simple start,

    when tiny dancers were born. 

    I have some new ideas! Stay tuned.

    Heat Wave

    2012 - 06.07

    Get ready for a tropical weekend! Perhaps its time to break out the kiddy pool and coconut umbrella drinks!

    This one reminds me of an island paradise, carefree summer kind of day.

    The World Of Spirits

    2012 - 05.14

    Do they really exist? When you hear that thump in the night where there shouldn’t be a thump, could it be…. People close to me know that I’m an avid believer and that I’ve met the smoker, listened in on the parties, and been frustrated with the trickster. Say what you will and believe what you may, when they drift into your life you will never again doubt. When I visited the abandoned Ohio State Reformatory this past weekend, I can’t say that I saw anything ghostly, but the energy certainly causes an anxious alertness.

    Perhaps it was a gathering of spirits

    or maybe… something more sinister