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    The Zoo

    2016 - 10.21

    I never know which direction to head when I arrive at the zoo.  My goal (like every other aspiring photographer in the world) is to capture “The Photo!”  Well, obviously that has not yet happened and it only serves to challenge my creative adaptations of the images gazing at me through the monitor. 



    Puppyhood 101

    2016 - 09.17

    Having raised a few pups in my life, I figured “what could be so hard about one more?”  I read through some of the old tried and true puppy manuals, watched the infamous Cesar Millan as he turned wild little beasts into cuddly lap dogs, and even read about how the Monks of New Skete raised German Shepherd puppies to behave appropriately in their adopted human pack.  I was more than ready! But nothing prepared me for the awesomeness of her eyes when she looks so innocently right into mine or her animated antics as she discovers new places in her yard. Nothing prepared me for the excitement and love she gives every time I come home, even if I was only gone ten minutes. No, there are few things in life that give so much and ask for so little. And so our training goes on hour by hour and day by day and chances are, this pup won’t be a perfectly obedient show dog, but she is growing into an awesome country dog with an incredible loving attitude toward life. Whatever dogs view life to be. Meet Albrae!



    The Heart Of Africa

    2014 - 06.01

    I feel so blessed to have the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium so close to my neighborhood and, the newest addition is finally open. The Heart Of Africa is a 43 acre African savannah housing zebra, giraffes, lions, wildebeests, gazelles, and an assortment of other African wildlife. The crowds overflowed into the newest exhibit which is good for the zoo but sometimes trying to the photographer. None-the-less, the trip was worth while and a huge success story for the zoo and the visitors. I can’t wait to get back and get to know the animals as they adapt to their Columbus/Africa home.



    Dancing Toward The Equinox

    2014 - 03.13

    The calendar may claim that spring will arrive on the 20th of March, but fact is… Mother Nature will let us know when she will be permitted to enter. Maybe, just maybe, March will go out like a lamb.

    untitled-120- edit- edit

    One thing is certain… Spring is so close, you can almost smell it!






    Hiding In Plain Site

    2014 - 01.16

    Camouflage is to Gander Mountain and Orvis, as Mothers Day and Fathers Day is to Hallmark. Get to know the herd and you don’t need anyone to direct the hunt. This guy is really trying to hide from me, and so… I left. I never saw him and he was very happy.