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    Nova Scotia

    2016 - 06.24

    When you let your feet go and allow your mind to follow, anything is possible. I love to travel, to venture out and so, I can scratch another place off of my bucket list.  It was Nova Scotia that found me hiking highlands and drooling over rocks!  From beach washed flat stones to goliath statues, I would pause thinking that I had just walked among the most supreme of supreme rocks ever made. And then… I would turn the corner on another beach and on another road. The place was magical, the people, sincere and welcoming. It will certainly hold a piece of my heart somewhere along one of those beaches that crash along one of those cliffs!


    A Meadow At Sunrise

    2015 - 12.06

    After a week of fog and rain and mostly flat grey landscapes, I woke to a sky of stars. It was the first chance I’ve had to try out my new camera in “real” light.  I hiked up the hill and over to one of my favorite trees to watch as the sun threatened the frost that clung to everything. 

    The Beach

    2015 - 04.28

    Because nothing says the beach, waves, or water better than children. 




    The Pier

    2015 - 04.22

    I find the fishing piers and the docks so interesting. They are little communities onto themselves with bonds being set and cemented, if only for a moment, over a common cause. Sharing techniques and methods and bait and bullsh**, they pass the hours watching and waiting. But mostly… they dream.


    When Winter Comes

    2015 - 03.06

    About this time of year if you happen to live in a region with four seasons, the word snow becomes a much dreaded and overused four letter word. Cursed for falling on houses and cars, for covering sidewalks and streets. But snow wasn’t meant to be viewed from a window, it wasn’t suppose to be trudged on by footsteps or pounded to pavement by tires.  Mother Nature gave us snow so that we might understand purity, innocence, and cleansing. And when she sprinkles it across a forested landscape? She shows us perfection.  And so it was on a trip to Hocking Hills yesterday.