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    Changing Seasons

    2016 - 09.29

    As October approaches and the leaves dress for their final dance, I suddenly feel an urgency to capture as much of this year’s cast as possible. Problem is, they all take lead rolls in my garden!

    Signs Of Spring

    2016 - 04.01

    Some subtle, some whimsical surprises but certain… signs of spring. Welcome!

    Ode To The Flowers

    2015 - 08.17

    Sometimes brilliant, but other times pastel and soft. 

    The Cool Colors

    2015 - 05.31

    I’ve never been one to embrace the hot colors in the garden,  you know the flamboyant reds and sun drenched yellows. Nope, I‘m usually out in the heat all day and prefer the cooler, more subtle purples, blues, and pinks.  And so, here is a salute to the purples!

    The Spring Garden

    2015 - 05.20

    I absolutely know that with all the fighting I did with Mother Nature this past winter, she has forgiven me my unkind words. And like a great mom, she has held my hand and led me back through the gardens that have laid barren for months. For reasons I’ll not understand, some plants have not returned but the ones that have? They grow stronger and even more beautiful than years past.