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    Car Shows

    2015 - 07.27

    It’s always fun to see what interesting images can be gleaned from car shows that line the streets of small towns during the summer months.  Too many times I have found myself wishing that I could change shadows, alter lighting, or change locations all together but, not having those options forces me to see what might be instead of what is. 




    Always The Cars

    2015 - 02.09

    It really is a toss up for me as to whether to stick with the old or the new. I suppose each has their story to tell and it’s fun to sit and try to pull something out of them. 

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    Things That Make You Go AHHHH

    2014 - 06.19

    One of my photo passions is shooting cars, and not just any ole cars. I love the classics in all stages of wear and that includes some of the new introductions that are sure to be classics. My friend just got himself a beautiful car and was kind enough to let me shoot with him and experiment with lighting. It’s a totally new area for me, but boy howdy, does it offer some great new ideas!


    2013 - 12.01

    It’s interesting to see what people find suitable for adornments, whether it be on themselves, their vehicles, or on their Christmas Tree.  It really says a lot about someone. Car manufacturers use to be really in touch with that little detail. Now all you see is  flat medallions embedded in hollow shells. Gone are the days when time was spent polishing the logo. I say, bring back the hood ornaments and the wing windows! Oh yea, no antlers please.



    Handle It

    2013 - 11.11

    I recently posted an image of a door handle draped in pine needles so I thought it only fitting to include a handle that is still being polished and pampered. Both are appreciated for their fine lines and beauty.