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    Hidden Treasures

    2014 - 04.29

    The weather is breaking and its time to go in search of those elusive buckets of bolts that transport us from one place to another.  Some are exhibited as finished works of art, while others still wait, dream, and hope for that one special person to reclaim their hidden beauty.  A toast to “The Cars”! 

    Two Wheeling

    2014 - 01.03

    It’s not exactly bike riding conditions this week, but I wanted to revisit some images taken last fall and see what would become of them. This one was taken at Old Car City in Georgia. Definitely a “go back to” place for me.

    The Workhorse

    2013 - 12.22

    Shrouded in untended fields lies the workhorse yearning to cultivate the fruits of tomorrow.

    The Working Class

    2013 - 11.16

    This tractor was just begging to have its picture taken.  Thing is… It would probably run again given a little TLC!  Im just not sure I’d like to be the one turning that crank. 

    A Rest

    2013 - 10.26

    Many miles and like the cars… it’s a good day to just lay low.