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  • The Spring Garden

    2015 - 05.20

    I absolutely know that with all the fighting I did with Mother Nature this past winter, she has forgiven me my unkind words. And like a great mom, she has held my hand and led me back through the gardens that have laid barren for months. For reasons I’ll not understand, some plants have not returned but the ones that have? They grow stronger and even more beautiful than years past. 



    The Flowers

    2015 - 05.02

    I first visited the Naples Botanical Garden when it was just beginning to burst with energized growth and imagination.  A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to be able to revisit the gardens after they adapted to a few years of major developing. Such a lovely place to just wander and absorb (especially for those weary of the snowy, northern, winters).  

    The Beach

    2015 - 04.28

    Because nothing says the beach, waves, or water better than children. 




    The Pier

    2015 - 04.22

    I find the fishing piers and the docks so interesting. They are little communities onto themselves with bonds being set and cemented, if only for a moment, over a common cause. Sharing techniques and methods and bait and bullsh**, they pass the hours watching and waiting. But mostly… they dream.


    The Migration

    2015 - 03.08

    Spring comes when nature says it’s time all calendars and predictions be damed. Well, the birds are beginning to migrate so I believe that we will see more positive spring signs in the upcoming days. Our seasons are weeks perhaps even a month later than what they were ten or fifteen years ago and continue to track that same pattern. My friend let me borrow his big monster bird lens and although I am not near as capable of catching some of the shots he captures, yesterday I had a fun time trying.