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    2015 - 02.09

    It really is a toss up for me as to whether to stick with the old or the new. I suppose each has their story to tell and it’s fun to sit and try to pull something out of them. 

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    2015 - 02.04

    Remember when the day wasn’t over until newly cut grass blades began sticking to dew moistened feet? The sky went from amber to gray as the last “ally ally in free” echoed across lightning bug silhouetted bodies of “kick the can” friends? Those were the days when bangs and bruises, cuts and scrapes were washed before bed and all but faded before the next morning. Most importantly, it was a time when wishes filled dreams that only looked forward. And then one day, some of those wishes reached their expiration date, and they got moved to the dreams that could only look back. Just saying… don’t allow your wishes or dreams to expire. Grab all the experiences that you possibly can, and use the time that swirls around you to your greatest advantage. It’s the new year… and this might be the greatest day.


    The New Year

    2014 - 12.31

    As the last day of 2014 wanes,  unleash regrets, turn loose those things that you can not change and embrace that which is held in the warm opportunities of tomorrow.  Like so many bricks in memory filled walls, hold on to that which will support a stronger and more balanced foundation. Wishing you all the best in the new year!


    2014 - 10.05

    It’s that incredibly beautiful time of year when tree lined fields glow against withering crops ready for harvesting. Massive, weighted clouds lumber across the sky, reflecting color and light and adding drama to the colder months that lie ahead. Today was one of those awesome cloud inspired autumn days. 

    The Butterflys

    2014 - 08.23

    I never tire of sitting in the flower garden watching butterflies and bees, hummingbird moths and beetles as they savor nectar from the different blooms. I was especially excited to see the monarch visiting our local salad bar! Some of the images are straight from the camera, while others have met with my fidgeting, filtered hand. Go figure .