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  • Silver Splitters

    2016 - 02.11

     They get pelted by sleet and battered by rain, yet they stand. Year after year their hinges obey repeated commands, and they stand.  They shelter their occupants, some friends and some foe and they stand. They have earned their place in the landscape as trees and vines cling to their boards so they too might stand.  A few tears will fall when someone replaces the perfectly weathered boards with new trees, and new bricks, and new stones to make their mark, to make their stand. 

    Waiting For Spring

    2016 - 02.03

    Life along the river valley during January and February can be rather monochromatic. We sit and wait for color to appear which is why I’ve decided to concentrate on the shapes and silhouettes that grace the landscapes. It’s a lesson in critical seeing and it forces me to look at the positive and negative spaces.  Not saying that spring won’t be a welcome addition!


    The Everglades

    2016 - 01.23

    A place that holds intrigue and mysteries 

    A Meadow At Sunrise

    2015 - 12.06

    After a week of fog and rain and mostly flat grey landscapes, I woke to a sky of stars. It was the first chance I’ve had to try out my new camera in “real” light.  I hiked up the hill and over to one of my favorite trees to watch as the sun threatened the frost that clung to everything. 

    Ode To Fall

    2015 - 10.28

    Oh my friend, the Autumn of time, I fear you have fallen.  But as is customary, you did it with grace.