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  • The Butterflys

    2014 - 08.23

    I never tire of sitting in the flower garden watching butterflies and bees, hummingbird moths and beetles as they savor nectar from the different blooms. I was especially excited to see the monarch visiting our local salad bar! Some of the images are straight from the camera, while others have met with my fidgeting, filtered hand. Go figure .

    New England

    2014 - 07.30

    With so many different places to see in our great nation, I ask myself why I keep returning to the Northeast. With no definitive answer, my camera catches pieces of places and moments in time. Perhaps it’s the fresh blueberry everything from ice cream to pancakes, to cheeses and pies. Or the fresh seafood, or the fresh air, or the leathered hands that are always open and friendly to strangers. It might just be the call of the loon as the sun sets behind the pine forested hills, with a lingering dance that whispers good night to the day as she passes. What ever the reason, she holds a special place in my heart.

    The Hummingbird Moth

    2014 - 07.06

    Often times in nature you come across something that looks as though it was created with leftover pieces. It might have the body of one specie and the face of something quite different. So it is with the hummingbird moth. It has the body of a large bee, the wings of a hummingbird, and the mouth parts of a moth.  I’ve been fortunate to have these guys visit my garden year after year, and today I went out several times to watch and photograph them. The following are images taken with their favorite plant, the bee balm. 


    Things That Make You Go AHHHH

    2014 - 06.19

    One of my photo passions is shooting cars, and not just any ole cars. I love the classics in all stages of wear and that includes some of the new introductions that are sure to be classics. My friend just got himself a beautiful car and was kind enough to let me shoot with him and experiment with lighting. It’s a totally new area for me, but boy howdy, does it offer some great new ideas!

    Magnolia Macrophylla

    2014 - 06.08

    The Big Leaf Magnolia outshines most everything else in the yard this time of year, and it’s not just its location that draws such attention. No, it’s the huge, showy, white blossoms that command front and center stage. I often stand beneath the two foot long leaves and gaze at the undersides of the buds in their infant to senior stages. Today, the rains came as I stood under her behemoth elegance and I listened as drops danced and played on leaves like water slides until they finally made their way to the ground. One day of full blossom is all that she gives her creamy white stars but pure elegance could never last longer than one sunrise to one sunset.