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  • Ode To The Flowers

    2015 - 08.17

    Sometimes brilliant, but other times pastel and soft. 

    Colors In The Garden

    2015 - 08.01

    When boredom hits and I can’t stray too far from home, I find that I need not look any farther than the garden to discover interesting pieces of nature. 



    Car Shows

    2015 - 07.27

    It’s always fun to see what interesting images can be gleaned from car shows that line the streets of small towns during the summer months.  Too many times I have found myself wishing that I could change shadows, alter lighting, or change locations all together but, not having those options forces me to see what might be instead of what is. 




    Happy Fourth Of July!

    2015 - 07.04

    Let freedom ring and then add a little color.

    The Cool Colors

    2015 - 05.31

    I’ve never been one to embrace the hot colors in the garden,  you know the flamboyant reds and sun drenched yellows. Nope, I‘m usually out in the heat all day and prefer the cooler, more subtle purples, blues, and pinks.  And so, here is a salute to the purples!